Brixton Riot
Perhaps it's time to simplify our view?
Remove the filters tinting me and you.

Zoom out from all the different quirks that make
Us who we are, pull further back to take

In the many common traits that we share
Like the colour of our eyes and our hair,

The equal number of noses and ears,
The people that we've loved throughout the years,

The way we talk, and how we love the sun,
The joy we get from a long, lonely run,

Our wonder at the ever changing seasons,
The way we rationalize the many reasons.

There is no gay or straight, just brotherhood.
There is no them and us misunderstood. 

There is no black or white that I can see, 
There is no he, or she, just you and me.

Hattie Gossett, African-American feminist playwright, poet and magazine editor, was born today in 1942.

The main Brixton riot took place in Brixton, London today in 1981, resulting in 324 injuries.

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