Ezra Pound
Rape is up again, statistically.
As is murder, assault and drug dealing.
The root of all this can be traced back to Dubstep
And television.
People sneak up the back stairwell,
Creeping up on creeps cutting lines
On crap old tables cluttered by empty vodka bottles
and Uzi 9mms
All to the driven back beat of stuttering Dubstep.
A group of attackers lay waste to the baddies
And the pounding soundtrack is Dubstep.
Picture the mad mind behind it all,
Thick rimmed specs, master of the tables,
Throwing together a wild track
With screaming, angular,
Growling beats and staccato bassline
Tapped out irregularly on his AKAI.
Now another crack team
creep up another back stairwell,
They are packing enough firepower
To take out a whole country
And they squeeze into that studio
Clattering as the weaponry is lifted
The 9mms are cocked,
They whip out the pump actions,
And with the synchronicity of a decent Drum and Bass track
Blow away that furious Dubstep producer.
Down goes rape, murder, drug dealing,
Society, Television, quiz shows,
Radio jingles, advertising executives,
and bloody poetry...

Albert Einstein, German-born theoretical physicist, died today in 1955.

Ezra Pound, American poet and critic, was released from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital after 12 years of incarceration on this day in 1958.

Conan O’Brien, American television host, comedian, writer and producers, was born today in 1963.

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