Sean Bean
From tomorrow I will be a better person...
I will make something of myself.
I will do 50 pushups with the intention of attaining Atlas.
I will eat sensibly I will gain new knowledge from Wikipedia.
I will learn to play the Oboe. 
I will teach myself French and become a Polyglot. 
I will defy the government. 
I will make paper flowers and push them into noisy end of machine guns. 
I will become blood brother with an African-American. 
I will enjoy a hot Goan curry.
I will find out who killed Kennedy.
I will listen to every Beatles song in reverse.
I will get every question right in Trivial pursuit.
I will paint my nails black and listen to the Cure. 
I will change my name by Deed Poll.
I will find out if the answer to everything is 42. 
I will fix you.
I will get a shave in a turkish souk. 
I will drive to Timbuktu.
I will prove that it's a long way to tipperary even when you start in Kilkenny. 
I will love everyone in every way.
From tomorrow I will be a better person 
If only tomorrow could come.

Nick Hornby, English Novelist and Lyricist, was born today in 1957.

Sean Bean, English Actor and 100% Blade, was born today in 1959.

Linda McCartney, American photographer, musician, animal activist and entrepreneur, died today in 1998.

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