Charlie Chaplin
Sonnet X 

Can you see me, brother? Do you hear me? 
We've wow'd these streets a million times before, 
We've asked the audience to simply be 
There for us and listen as we implore. 
We cased the joints, directing everyone, 
Seeking perfect sunlit film locations 
And, despite the budget cost overrun, 
Act perfect scenes for standing ovations. 
So, how come we found our paths diverging? 
We both know how to break a leg or two. 
As your career sunk, mine was emerging 
And scandal comes from stupid things we do. 
Our acting skills will always make them green,
We project our best upon the silver screen.

Charlie Chaplin, English comic actor, filmmaker and composer, was born today in 1889.

Sydney Chaplin, English actor, half-brother of Charlie Chaplin, died today in 1965.

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