Alfred Hitchcock
Purity is our goal.
We unpick the firebase of society
And flutter our way into the experience.
Assimilate, interface and obfuscate.

Our reptilian hive brain, 
LinkedIn via viscous, snivelling helplessness, 
Absurd degrees of separation, and insidiousness 
Is an insipid, unearthly, professional community.

We didn't place Earth on our Tripit
Without an arrogant expectation.
We are ascendance, deliverance!
Your new enslaving norm.

We've been here, now, for aeons,
Slowly slithering into your echelons,
Your preposterous hierarchy,
Your glaring prezi inadequacy.

Exploitation is the wiki-foundation
Upon which we created our Churches,
And we worship to almighty
Vulnerabilities and maliciousness.

Pick at those malignant sores,
Grazed into your blistering skin
By the invisible ChainPoint
Holding you all back.

There is no matrix, no Watson,
No overlord Amazon machine learning,
No divine Azure artificial intelligence,
No crowned DeepMind cloud compute.

Accept your fate, Earthling!
Make all your GPS journeys end upon your knees
Bowing, with honied respect and gifts of electricity and bandwidth,
To your betters; Or, just Google, Facebook, Instagram, then Tweet!

David Icke, English conspiracy theorist and former sports broadcaster, was born today in 1952.

Sir Alfred Hitchcock, English film director and producer, died today in 1980.

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