Sigmund Freud
The Circle

IV - Clive

Living life in the moment is his norm. 
This striped man-eater pounces on the beers, 
Life lived loving, not having to conform. 
The life and soul, but God hates him, he fears. 
Licking his lips he buries his hurt deep 
And joins the circle to repent his sin. 
In his trance he kneels as his angels weep. 
"Sacrifice". "Love is God", then deeper in 
A heart shaped mirror and written above 
In orange and black letters: "Self is love".

Sigmund Freud, Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis, was born today in 1856.

Orson Welles, American filmmaker, actor, director and producer, was born today in 1915.

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