Sir Christopher Lee as Count Dooku
And under that moon, cleft,
split and departed bereft,
sat, in silence, lips stitched,
a bemuzzled wolf, bewitched,

enslaved by the whistling wind,
enchained by the sins he sinned,
aloof in the mocking crowd
that cursed him all too loud

to a life of failure encumbered,
a fool with wants outnumbered,
who tarries at cross-roads that call,
and utter wicked charms to enthral.

Forever will he be a servant,
intolerably blind, unobservant,
unseeing to the truth above:
that sundren moon of ruined love.

Vincent Price, American actor, best known for horror films, was born today in 1911.

Sir Christopher Lee, English actor, singer and author, best known for his roles as Dracula, Francisco Scaramanga, Saruman and, fallen Jedi, Count Dooku, was born today in 1922.

One response to “May27”

  1. eob2 Avatar

    I like this, also both actors were great at horror

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