Helen Keller
Fucking in _________ (where ever)!

If, to you, Leeds is here, or Sheffield,
Or London, or, of course, your hometown,
Then where is there? Here too?
Or somewhere else?

I'm sure a road runs through here,
And cars and buses. Maybe a train,
To take you away, to your there,
Or maybe just another here.

So, here it is, and only here
Will you find yourself forever.
Because of here, you'll be there again
Without a crime or a sentence.

And homes, too, they will be here,
Each sporting new limbs and new haircuts.
You'll see your way out, but never be free
And you'll need here more than you need there.

So if here is where you want to be,
(Though you probably won't know the difference)
Then look no further than the end of your nose:
Here is right where you left it.

Frank Whittle, English air force officer and inventor of the Jet engine, was born today in 1907.

Helen Keller, American author, political activist and lecturer, died today in 1968.

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