Emily Davison
Manufacturer of Colour

I am the manufacturer of colour, 
and production is chromatic.
Hear the gut punching rumble of 
my machine churning out the pigments:
all neatly boxed in crackling cellophane.
I patented the hues.
Registered them worldwide.
You'll have to pay me for paint and racism:
The subscription is saved in the glazing on piggy banks.

Take red, for instance,
now, it's called "Bolshevik",
blue is "Trashy Joke",
and green is "Naive",
purple is only for the rich, and
the price of gold is less than chrome.
Being at the top of the pyramid
gives me the luxury of having purple
cutlery, purple underwear and purple snot rags.

I enjoy the vitality of my magic machine,
like a pig wallowing in its own muck.
I paint myself in my majestic hues
and like celebrity endorsement.
Your best chance is to become transparent,
but, by matching the background
you owe me royalties! And even when you 
manage to reduce yourself to monochrome,
I win: I made black and white, and all in between.

Emily Davison, English Suffragette, was trampled by King George V’s horse and died at the 1913 Derby.

The 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution, prohibiting the right to vote based on gender, was approved by the Senate, today in 1919.

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