World Oceans Day
Waves of Space III

The cycle brightening the depths below 
with light that breaks the surface far above
and guides our pod across the lilting flow
and hopefully to find the mortal man.
We cruise the oceanic current paths
no longer gnarled by man's excessive needs 
and follow drops of influence to land
or beach where grains are trod under man's feet.
And then we sailed into a broken cove
where wrecked on sands a ship lay on its side.
We scoped the beach beyond and found afloat
in breaking waves a shape not like our form.
It had no fins, nor tail to push it through,
instead, we saw the legs and arms of man.
But did it live? That's what we had to know.
We rolled it once and flinched into retreat.
It's legs recoiled, it's arms reached out for sky.
It lived,
         but now - did it want to survive?

Tim Berners-Lee, English engineer and computer programmer, best know for inventing the World Wide Web, was born today in 1955.

World Oceans Day is observed annually today.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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