David Tomlinson
Our Passion's Course

Our passions are too quick:
Melding blood and sweat in
Our own mix, black and thick.

Our might is all but gone:
Our strong will twists and snaps,
Vacant eyes stare straight on.

Our hope is flawed with wrong:
Corrupt words crush debate,
Evil knives cut Plato’s tongue.

Our passions are provoked:
Grasping hands grip comrade’s throats,
Grieving when they are choked.

Our life and death collide:
Casting back unsure eyes
From the edge of suicide.

Then we fall uncared for:
Amity dies weeping,
Hurt gnaws emptiness more.

And we think we were right,
To heal by redemption.
But, our passion we cannot fight.

Tony Hancock, English comedian and actor, died today in 1968.

David Tomlinson, English actor and comedian, died today in 2000.

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  1. s.s. says:

    I like our hope is flawed with wrong

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