Veronica Guerin

Peering from battlements of pillows and duvet,
peering into herself to witness her vanishing.
Who is there to see her go?
Who really cares if she fades out?

She’s architect of these eiderdown barricades
that blanket her requiem, bar the plaintive audience.
Her tears are like half-penny coins:
Pointless and immaterial.

What good are tears when she cowers before her redeemer?
How can she be saved when she won’t call to him for rescue?
Anyway, he'll be far too busy
counting huge, unstable piles of half-penny coins.

So, isn’t it just better she let herself vanish?
Go on to a place she never knew existed?
No-one will see her go.
No-one can see her anyway.

Veronica Guerin, Irish crime reporter, was murdered by drug lords today in 1996.

Nora Ephron, American journalist, writer and filmmaker, died today 2012.

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  1. wow, beautifully written

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