Portrait of an Artist (David Hockney)
A List of Demands.

I demand that people be kinder to me.
A woman blends foundation to camouflage her blue/yellow bruises.
I swing wildly with the cricket bat my Granddad made from scraps.

I demand that I get more hugs.
A fat bellied kid dies in an African village.
I savagely rip the coverings off a new GI Joe toy.

I demand that I should be good at maths.
A Bangladeshi man counts the strokes in an Arabian prison.
I fiddle with a new app on an iPhone.

I demand that I buck up my ideas.
A young runaway overdoses in the rubbish behind the bins.
I wake up too late on Sundays.

I demand better grades in English.
A toddler's empty cries echo through a tenement.
I idly flick through my new Star Wars comic.

I demand that I receive more pocket money.
A man pawns his father's gold watch to fund the next Acker.
I pocket a book while the woman is busy serving the schoolkids.

I demand that I get a better look at my mate's sister's bare legs.
A group of Women rock and howl as a sister is ritualistically gelded.
I melt a plastic soldier's head off with a match.

Mervyn Peake, English writer, poet and artist, was born today in 1911.

David Hockney, British artist and photographer, was born today in 1937.

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  1. eob2 says:

    This is excellent example of the human factor of tragic irony. I’d like to reblog it, if I may. I think you are a deep thinking poet, lol I guess I’m a fan.

    1. Please go ahead and re-blog. Thanks for reading. Please check out my new YouTube channel.


  2. DivineRoyalty says:

    Is it not better to go for what you want than demanding?

  3. The contrast was exquisite and so true!

  4. Rising Star says:

    Excellent one

  5. Chocoviv says:

    This is so tragically true….

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