Nikola Tesla
Inside those Secret Universes.

I edged into the gap between degrees.
Inside I found another secret universe.

You can't map it.

It has no electricity. It wasn't created by a man.
Within, there are no post-it notes, no hash-tags.
There is no joy or shame, no disappointment
at not being able to experience.

You can't turn it on.

It's not dial-able, like gender.
You can't floor it, or explode it,
and it will go on. It has its own heaven
and God doesn't live there.

You can't just swap it out.

When I reversed out of the looping,
I found that gaps in all the things
that were missing hid routes to new
secret universes just at the edges.

Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer and futurist, was born today in 1856.

Jake LaMotta, American professional boxer, was born today in 1922.

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