Crawdaddy Club
How far down does the rabbit hole go?


Nosing the forest
                    With twitching wet snout
Tumbling through tension
                    To tunnel blackout
Hazing and swooning
                    A crumbling decline
Clutching the emerald
                    Bejewelled burrow shrine
Squeezing to safety
                    Seizing the lime
Humbling the ballroom
                    Dancing sublime


Stepping and swinging
                    Bringing to snap
Crimson attention
                    Stumbling to trap

Chattering chills
                    Fumbling a tune
Ruby red shoes
                    Beguiling the moon
Chewing the cherry
                   Tangoing cold
Bumbling like bees
                   To fold it like mould


Puffballs at midnight
                    Travel and end
Rumbling to terminus
                    And poetry penned
Fat, round and lustrous
                    Sapphires transcend
Jumbling metaphors
                   Horizons extend
Cloudy, old fluffballs
                   Azure smudge ascend
Grumbling beyond
                   My mad-hatted friend.

The Rolling Stones play together for the first time today in 1962.

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