Henri Poincaré
From Infinity to Eternity.

Perhaps, if I could blink in awe at the world
with the misty eyes of the young,
I could look forward, too.
To be young is to be unloaded,
Unburdened by the pain: be void.
Oh! to re-experience wonder,
that naive excitement.
Rip open the glittering present
of another coming year
painstakingly wrapped by the last.
But, like a giant Newton's cradle,
the years clatter into one another,
causality driving reactions,
punching holes into eardrums and craniums.
It's the luxurious lacking
that brightens their eyes.
The unknowledge of everything.
The chance to lose it all
and still be left with all you had before.
Because, in gaining, we do lose it all.

Acquisitions are nails
adeptly driven into our limbs by marketeers
hammering home inadequacies.
It's a crucifixion that forces us backward,
to witness the path of self-destruction
that led to our owned demise.
We, who have it all -
the house; the car; the laptop;
the wife; the life; the love -
have lost it all.
Now… We run.

Running is our only option.
We must run, in order to fail to outrun.
For we, who have it, know the dreaded
pull of the maw.
We feel it sucking us in.
We've even seen the event horizon.
It's always been there, one step behind us.
And one day, we know,
as sure as one year will continue
to fall into the next, like dominoes,
we will fall into that super-massive black hole,
which consumes all,
and be stretched
from infinity
to eternity.

Henri Poincaré, French mathematician, theoretical physicist, engineer and philosopher of science, died today in 1912.

Gordon Gould, American physicist, who is credited with the invention of the Laser, was born today in 1920.

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