Benedict Cumberbatch
Modern Life is Rubbish V.

Modern life is rubbish,
Like a field of clay
Ploughed with your fingers,
Clogging up your nails,
Sullying your shirt sleeves,
Your knees caked in clinging clods of dirt.
Wipe your hands on your rear.
Move the muck around,
Smear it down your cleanest,
Most ironic t-shirt.
Wave away the dismay
Like a pointless waft
At a persistent fly.
Oh!, for a tool!
But the mirror will show it.
Rank now, you flounder
Like a cart with mismatched wheels
Tipping out its load
To be wasted on the highway.
Modest protection from risk
Will show how foolish you are
As you wallow in the mud
As a work-shy pig does,
Oinking in the pleasure of its own grime.
Munch down on the dung
And know the taste of your own shit.
Recycle it endlessly for your nourishment.
Modern life demands efficiency
So you must extract as much from it as possible
Even if it poisons you.
The myth of the counter-productiveness of
Actual meaningful discussion must be
Encouraged by forcing the lounging
Pigs to ogle other lounging pigs
And offering them the chance to
Criticise and snigger as they
Act all holier-than-thou and
Wave their trotters with a self-justified
Sense of grandeur that comes from
Being spoon-fed like that.
They honestly believe that
Spoon is silver and that brown
Stuff isn't their own shit.
I suppose you must reap what you sow.
That is clearly why the fools are constantly digging.
Deluded into the false sense of security that
Is a lounging pig with furry sliders
And wrecked stretch jeans, drawn tight across
Their flabby, pitted back-sides.
Their stringy tops exposing the filthy
Sagging tits, battered by groping
Hands and the tattooist's needle.
Artistry in depravity and sordid
Acts of wanton self disfigurement
To try to cover up the obvious
Sense of self-loathing,
That gagging that comes when
Looking into the mirror and
Only seeing a spanner.
It's only then you come to
The bitter acknowledgement of fate.
A prisoner bonded in the shackles
Of social media and television.
They'll make a Netflix out of you
For the other pigs to mutter at.
You'll be upheld as a mere memory,
Played by a rich fool who'll get a
Golden globe because they think
He was a better pig than you.
He didn't wade through the shit.
That was CGI. That was the essence
Of the wool pulled over their eyes.
Over your eyes.

Benedict Cumberbatch, English actor, was born today in 1976.

Rutger Hauer, Dutch actor, died today in 2019.

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  1. eob2 says:

    Brutal honest 💩 as life can be sometimes. However I very much like both actors. 😁

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