Robin Williams
Suicide Love Letter.

Will you please send
a delicately written out
love letter to the end?

Can you also recommend
which words I should cut out?

Will you please send
metaphors and images penned
so I can stand and shout
your love letter to the end?

I'll explain what I intend
while you huff and pout.

Will you please send
for me and my friend
on a colour printout,
a love letter to the end
and then you can pretend
to understand what its all about?

Please, will you send
a love letter to the end?

Robert Burns, Scottish poet and lyricist, died today in 1796.

Robin Williams, American actor and comedian, was born today in 1951.

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  1. eob2 says:


  2. Mohammed in Dallas says:

    No one understands what it’s all about yet we huff and pout, from the top of our lungs we shout, ‘will you send a love letter to the end?’

  3. King says:

    Romy and Juliet

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