Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Modern Life is Rubbish III

This is the life he was expected to lead:
Dumb, compliant, in mindless slavery.
Bow to your master!

He was taught by the sting
of a whip across his back,
gouging in the lessons.

Lined in identical queues, brothers,
same hair, same shoes,
same scars, same demands.

In those life lessons he lost control
of his body. It became a vessel
For soulless same, vacuous passage.

Watch him trudge,
hauling behind him the weight
of his master's dirt.

His food is streamed directly into his brain
Via social media. The inane twittering
of void meaning and paper-thin facts.

And he is pliant, bent into the shape
of expectation, like pipe cleaners
wrapped around the fingers in command.

He is so emaciated. His skin
hangs from his bones like empty,
wet clothes limply dangling from a line.

Silence is his crutch.
His lips sewn together as egress
To grateful servitude, in his mind's eye.

And still he clambers onward,
deluded by demented riches
apparently awaiting at his terminus.

But his terminus is terminal!
He'll walk till the flesh rots from his bones
and be thankful that he was finally permitted to perish.

Then, he will clatter down at the place where he gave in,
to be dispersed by time into the wind
and dance among the trees at liberty for eternity

George Peele, English translator, poet and dramatist, was baptised today in 1556.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet, literary critic, philosopher and theologian, died today in 1834.

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