van Gogh

Trouble stretches open its cage,
shaking off its chains,
ready for its moniker.
A strange beast that curls,
as abstract as smoke,
as nimble as a statue.
Its hooked hands are
ready to throttle
then grip,
turn you inside out,
and wear you like a suit,
and then, once it's complete,
discard your used husk,
like an autumn leaf,
to be displaced
by the wind.

Vincent van Gogh, Dutch post-impressionist painter, died today in 1890.

David Niven, English actor and novelist, died today in 1983.

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  1. eob2 says:

    Van Gogh loved the outdoors, he was misunderstood. Depression plagued him. Oh my David Nivan so suave, I love old B&W movies he was a favorite.

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