What is Pink?

Is Chiffon always that colour?
If it is, then it's my most
favourite cloth.
Each day, I swear, her dress
becomes my new true,
and I'm drawn further 
into her subtle, russet lips,
like unfurling petals of 
an early Summer rose.
I long study the shine of her hair,
and how it flows in the sea breeze.
Have you noticed how she
is more beautiful than the sky?
I think that's why
I can't take my eyes off her.
What is Blue?

I've felt blue before,
but now I'm quite addicted.
The slick plum of his
cheek and his lips
catches me each dawn.
Why does he blush, so?
I surely cannot help it,
but the rouge in my cheek
is adaptable to his shy, dark eyes.
And, as I'm fixed, now,
I transfix in dreamy blue dreams
of long striding along dark
green pathways, hand in hand
with my love, with whom
I share our long longing stare.

Thomas Gainsborough, English painter, died today in 1788.

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  1. King says:


  2. I know nothing about this artist or the poet, but now I would like to do research. If I’m interpreting the poems right, it sounds like we have a bisexual icon on our hands. :)))))

    1. I image two painting locked in a perpetual stare. You will either fall in love or go insane. I’m optimistic, so two love poems.

      1. The more I think about it, the more I find to think about. It could form the basis for an entire collection…

  3. Very beautiful

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