bird birds usa raven
Mata Hari
The Dissection

In the park I spotted the birds together, plotting:
A raven, a crow, and a swallow.

The raven was all like,
"Once upon a midnight dreary…"

The swallow was all like,
"Fly to her, and fall upon her gilded eaves…"

The crow was all like,
"Crow went on laughing…."

In revenge I sought out an equaliser:
I called upon the Thunderbird.

It swooped down with arcing beak,
Tore into them,

Consumed its cold dish:
Raven's beak, crow's foot and swallow's heart.

Belching, it was all like:
"Once upon a fall upon her went on laughing…"

I turned away,
utterly defeated…

Mata Hari, Dutch exotic dancer and spy, was born today in 1876.

2 responses to “Aug07”

  1. TheArtist_JayMoraShihadeh Avatar

    Nice imagery! Love the raven pic


  2. eob2 Avatar

    Interesting metaphorical analogy


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