closeup photo of brown brick wall
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Life could be so much more exciting
with my hands off the wheel,
until I end up in a ditch
and look back at frozen tyre tracks
scribbled over wet tarmac,
thinking: Maybe I should go
to Amy's show-and-tell.
And then, I slam into another wall,
which I could've avoided
but probably shouldn't have,
and all the wind is knocked
out of me, again.
But there's no mind's eye view
of this crash, no splintered
windscreen bits embedded
into my temple, no air bags,
no seat belts…
I'm tossed around,
like a cat in a tumble drier,
all legs and wings,
spinning adrift -
a twig in a torrent
sucked further and further downstream.
And when I finally come to rest,
my unsettled eyes settle
on the picture in my wallet,
and, even though my life
could be so much more exciting
if I could push all the boundaries,
it couldn't and shouldn't.

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  1. s.s. says:

    Reading this, my mind is like that twig in the torrent… Beautiful writing🙌

  2. A wonderful rendering of words!

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