person painted black on face
Sheev Palpatine
It takes patience to die properly. I've stalked
around so many bedsides so I could learn what 
Death tastes like. From his pervading palette 
I formulated this dominion of darkness.

Inhabit the aura and beauty of Death;
Lust for the creation of elementary rage;
Wield rapacious dread with impunity; and,
Marshall horrific contempt's relentless hordes.

From harbouring shadows, that shield
our revelations, our subtle engineering of
misgivings beguile stumbling opponents
into pompous over-calculation.

They flail and fail, as all good 
senseless hypocrites should, and then 
die patiently, properly, profusely,
as the dark-side demands.

Ian McDiarmid, English actor, who is known for his appearance as the Emperor Sheev Palpatine A.K.A Darth Sidious, in the Star Wars universe, was born today in 1944.

2 responses to “Aug11”

  1. Ngobesing Romanus Avatar

    Nice to read. Thanks!


  2. eob2 Avatar

    I love Star Wars this is so fitting.


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