Bubble Tea
The Fable of the Bubble Tea Tree.

I think you'll probably agree with me,
That when you hear my tale about the tree,
A tree that hid a secret silver key
Which unlocked the pearly podded pea,
And released from within a tiny Flea,
You'll get drunk, as it did, on the vodka bubble tea.

First let me tell you about that tea.
It tasted was very sweet me,
But drinking it drove me to flee
And, in prophetic fulfilment, I cut down that tree.
It crashed down next to the pea
And out came tumbling that silver key.

I tried to grab, but missed the silver key
And it dropped and dissolved into my tea,
So I drank up, expelled it from my pee
(And made a mess all over me).
I reformed it again I shoved it back in remains the tree
To keep it from that nasty Flea.

A greedy beast he was, that Flea,
Always craving the tea and key,
Lurking always by the tree
Bothering me while I drank my tea.
I would catch him! Me, just me!
That's why I trapped him in the podding pea.

The fabled pearly podded pea
Was grateful for the captured Flea.
A shining string of pearls, it gifted me,
I locked them away with the silver key
And with swaggering chest I got very drunk on Tea,
I sloshed down and out beside the cut down tree.

In my stupor I professed my remorse to the tree,
And dislodged the key which nestled down by the pea,
And as I retreated to drown my sorrows on more tea,
The key lay within grasp of the Flea
And it sprang itself out with the key
To bide its time and gain revenge on me.

In my drunken regret for that chopped down tree
I released the Flea, from pea with key.
It planned to steal the tea from me.

So the Flea plotted a plot against me
For locking it away for the tree
With that shining silver key
Within the pearly podded pea.
It plotted a complex plot, for a Flea.
It plotted to steal away all my tea.

The Flea also liked the taste of Vodka bubble tea
And it certainly would leave it all for me.
So it hid itself upon Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea
Until the day I invited him over to tea by the tree
And I showed him the remains of the prison podded pea
And the abandoned old silver Key.

Flea thought it was a very nice Key
As he imbibed the sweet Vodka bubble tea
We thought about how we may re-use the pea
And that's when the Flea made its move on me.
First it transferred itself to the tree
Abandoning the aforementioned Flea.

Although the Flea really liked the other Flea
Its plan required that it get the silver key
Then it needed to get across from the tree
So it could lock up all the vodka bubble tea.
At this point Flea and Me
Were drunk and lying by the pearly podded pea.

As I staggered away to have pee
The Flea jumped, but disturbed the other snoozing Flea
And he shouted over to me
"I saw the other nasty Flea after the Key
I think he's trying to lock up all our tea,
I saw it over there by the Tree!"

So I looked with my looking glass there by the tree
And on the way I grabbed the pearly podded pea
And I saw it heading towards the tea!
I quickly snagged that mischievous Flea
In the pea pod and locked it up with the key
And we were once again happy. Flea and me.

Flea and I got drunk by the tree
But we caught the bad Flea in the pea locked with key
And celebrated with lots more tea for Flea and me.

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