The Duke of Buckingham
The Duke, The Earl, The Master.

He was the eldest of seven children,
and one of the regional assemblies
with the sanction of the General Government.
In Antiquity, he was known as Gor.
As an adult, he was on the wing all year round,
with his widows and children, that were
of deep spiritual significance
in the whole of Canada.
A Veteran, who moved to Hollywood
with the hope to become
Truman Capote's "authorized" biographer,
"The Earl", as he was known then,
took almost every matter to a local slam-poet,
Who wrote:
                     "No traces of the death of a Hawk."

With a half-penny toll through
Landmarks and Cultural Affairs
there were many opportunities for him to hike,
ride bicycles, skate, jog, fish, and walk dogs.
His early years in western Virginia
were spent writing a sitcom about
a man with a severe shoulder injury.
It was generally in a light,
slightly erotic-comic vein,
and was initially popular,
but was cancelled after one season
due to low ratings.
"An Elephant on His Hands"
became the name of a fictional
country in Eastern Europe,
and then used as a station
on Line 1 of the Tianjin Metro,
named in honour of his pink bunny suit
on a collision course with humanity.

A random poem, generated using the random page function on Wikipedia.

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  1. The randomized poem sure give a modern take on the Duke! His outfit in the portrait is killer – leather, lace and pearls.

  2. Jane Ballard says:

    Comment written in central Virginia with a severe shoulder injury.

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