adolescent adult black and white casual
The King in Germany
They shouted out loud, "The King is dead!"
Now, let's worship his blue suede shoe.
"Long live the king," they all said.

The rumour about his middle-aged spread read:
It was because of his love of chocolate fondue.
They dipped and shouted out loud, "The King is dead!"

Then they worshipped him as their figurehead.
Making him into some kind of God, they withdrew,
"Long live the king," whispered by his deathbed.

The thought of losing him still filled them with dread
And they had no idea how they would get through.
They all cried out loud, "The King is dead!"

And the King's new religion was widespread,
his hype pervading their worldview.
"Long live the king," they projected overhead.

They packed his ashes into their holy warhead
and launched it from their base in Kalamazoo.
Chanting as it went, "The King is dead!
Long live the King, and his German Spearhead."

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, died today in 1977.

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