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Oh Apple (Variations)

As promised from yesterday I present the variation on Oh Apple!

Oh Apple (Shakespeare)

Oh Apple!
                 Wherefore for art thou Greenest?
Thy flesh vibrant so,
                 whilst thy core uncleanest?

The kernel of thy seeds c'rruptd
this did grind to which those brutes art sown
And fetid ghosts of beasts doth escapeth
From the putrid soil wherefore thou art grown.

Oh Apple!
                 Wherefore art thou Greenest?
Thy behold seemeth bright
                Whilst thy heart roteth unseen.

Oh Apple (In the Original Klingon)

'ej QI'yaH!
                  qatlh tlhIH?
loDnallI' yIH ghobna', nIH ghobna'lI' naH ghobna'l

QumwI'lIjDaq cheghpu'lI', QonglIjDaq
ghomDI' ghotvetlh,
ghotpu' je yabwI' je
vaj qeylIS ghom'a' neH ghom'e'.

'ej QI'yaH!
                  qatlh tlhIH?
'ach BomuSHa', Qo'noS ta',
                  'e' luQoy.

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  1. eob2 says:

    Kool….the Klingon version was so intense. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…

  2. Nicely penned
    Stay safe happy healthy and wealthy

  3. BoardFlak says:

    I enjoyed the Shakespearean version, but – alas! – I never learned to read Klingon.

    Now that the peaceful pub has closed down, my new blog is at:

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