woman in black shirt sitting beside man in black shirt
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Rumour has it...

they said they are ready to return, but
they said no one was available.
they said old is gold, like.
They said it was the future, and it was.
they said there was no evidence.
They said there were too many routes.
They said they didn't want him to go
They said pose like you're the IT boy of KPOP
They said I overreacted.
they said life should be
they said they felt regretful
they said God gives you what you need exactly
they said that if you use random emails, they win.
they said “you will never feel like you’re alone"
they said they're glad to work with you
they said that we are all eventually either the victims or the victims family
they said you can't wear racist red
they said they think white people inherit violent tendencies
They said you've lost touch
They said that trade has been brilliant
they said Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V
They said @realDonaldTrump will start World War III
They said they really working hard on body management
they said PERIOD
they said they defrauded racists, rubes and religious zealots.
they said because of me they decided to have no more children
they said even he held it in for the sake of feeling
they said “pro-black isn’t anti-White”
they said treat it like any comeback
they said something you won’t like
they said they explicitly told the stores to not tell
They said it won't spread
They said “gurl, be a hoe.”
they said “please excuse my STD “
they said that that was no reason to cry
they said it's harmless
they said fuck @realDonaldTrump
They said they had a warrant for him
They said “Donald's absolutely awful 
                        and has been such a terrible addition to the family."
they said it themselves
they said they were ready to return, but no one was available….
                        No way they said that!

2 responses to “Aug20”

  1. eob2 Avatar

    Rumors are truth,
    Truth is now a lie.


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