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Dream Sailor.

Hearing a distant chime
of laughter trickle
over summer evenings
drifts me into serenity.

Takes me somewhere.

There's the gentle wind
negotiating trees
and an amorous pair of
wood pigeons preen one another.
The garden is littered
with my daughter's toys
and I'm left nursing
a rapidly warming beer.

There are clouds now,
slowly migrating north,
and they deepen from
cool white to battleship grey.

And there within is the promised dream:

I navigate it as pilot,
pick out a Bosun's call
mixing the shushing leaves
into fizzing, rolling waves.

Now, each cloud is a hull
lifting blustering decks
milling with wear-lined sailor faces
charming slithering hemp vipers
and swelling canvas engines
to cut away beyond my horizons.

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  1. schoolofblue says:

    Superb piece of writing.

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