Think: Donald Trump, Charlie Sheen, Shia LaBeouf!
What do you see? Nature's winners? Born losers?
Each man deserving of what they may 
eventually get - a jackel's bullet.

Two actors, one liar, three characters, each smelling 
of their own story, with eyes wide as they 
disappear over the precipice into the pumping darkness, 
denial harmonizing in their screaming.

It's a wanting darkness that eats all,
swallowing the nudging and the branding.
Is that the stink of melting flesh sizzling
as the reaping iron cuts into tender hindquarters?

This is the hounding mark of success in the
face of tearful triumph. Winning is
what deserved as the victors collapse under
the rubble of fame and fortune, dead last:

reaping, reaping, weeping.

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  1. schoolofblue says:

    ‘Each smelling of their own story …’ is pretty darn powerful but the word ‘reaping’ is so underrated until it happens.

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