grey octupos painting
The Death Mask of Cthulhu.

Out of my dark dreams, my writhing insanity,
A vision of death with sordid depravity.
It perverts the perception of all time and space,
A herald of doom with cephalapodic face.

A leviathan terror rising from the deep
Where it lay for lost aeons in nightmarish sleep.
Now clawing its way back to night and corruption,
Declaring this earth to be ripe for destruction.

It'll summon the Old Ones with its wickedest magick
And raise up its young from their slumber pelagic.
It'll bring death and enslavement to all and sunder,
But Earth's destruction will send R'lyeh back under.

So this cycle of restless biding restarted
Passed on through dreams this prophecy of horror imparted
To the unknowing few chosen as martyrs,
We dreaming earth-born apocalypse-starters.

And the prophecy assured when waking that morn,
My once peaceful sanctuary ravaged and torn,
My achievement envisioned, a message of fear,
My sanity afflicted and all I hold dear

Polluted, defaced, overshadowed by the hulk
With octopus face, dripping claws, a shambling bulk,
Now mounted on my wall, forever in my view,
Permanently fixed, the death mask of Cthulhu.

One response to “Sep14”

  1. righteousbruin9 Avatar

    It is said that Ctulhu may as well show up and do his thing-what else could be left, in this Year of the Beast?


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