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Guilt is the worst motivator.
It mutates good intentions into monstrous forms,
Like Frankenstein's monster.
The bad bits are sewn together hurriedly
In a collage of twisted, distorted limbs.

Forethought, sense and design are absurd
When the minority must be appeased
At the expense of a majority.
It doesn't help the needful when
The provider is driven by that pang of repentance.

The product is shambolic, lumbering
Like a malformed leviathan,
Appalled by its own appearance,
Yet empowered by fawning sympathy.
The empowerment poisons the creature.

Blinkered, it can only survive by expanding
The wretched existence it is afforded,
Snatching more from its keepers grasp
Until it becomes uncontrollable,
Wild, unstoppable, fuelled by arrogance.

Abandoned, it forges on, spreading
Like a rampant virus, infecting,
Destroying, consuming, accumulating,
Forcing out the natural order,
As it wails about the injustices of self-defence.

Now, the guilty can only look on in horror,
As the beast lifts it's head in challenge to its creators,
Dividing them. Some attempt to placate the monster;
Some turn their backs;

Some stroke it, reinforcing its illusion of divinity;
Some despair, weeping tears of regret;
Too late, too late. The damage is done.
It cannot be put down, and it's grown
Too big for its cage.

Guilt is the worst motivator.
Without thought it creates an
Expanding bubble of inescapable guilt
Encompassing all that went before
Into a self-referencing state of perpetual grief.

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  1. Holy smokes, this was captivating. Your use of similes was really well done. Love this for me!

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