Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka
I can definitely say, one hundred per cent,
I see a different world from you.

In my world they are there all the time.
You know the type: the saboteurs; the under-miners!

These are the type of people who act all friendly,
But are just waiting to stab you in the back with a flash of white teeth.

And they are planners, too… They work together in teams,
They watch and study, learn about my weaknesses,

Uncover my foibles, they know my twitch.
They share them among themselves

And weaponize them into tools for torture:
Electrocuting me in the traffic queue;

Waterboarding me in the supermarket line;
Depriving me of sleep at the cinema

By chattering constantly in the corners
They bury me in dust and popcorn.

They turn the screw and bolt me down
So the vultures can ride the storm and rip me open

Exposing me further, and the doves
Can peck at my heart.

Franz Kafka, German-speaking bohemian jewish novelist and writer, was born today in 1883.

Tom Cruise, American actor and producer, was born on this day in 1962.

Jim Morrison, American singer, songwriter and poet, died on this day in 1971.

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