Independence Day
U.S. Declaration of Independence
All men are created equal - even the slaves.
For even slaves are free, eventually.
And the free are slaves, in reality -
Slaves to our animal instincts.

Did Jefferson understand that?
As he drafted those words
His pen shaking with the realization
Growing in his shoulder, the unalienable weight?

Did Adams understand that?
As he mounted the steps to the white house
After defending those he later turned against
And having the others turn on him?

Did Monroe understand that?
Negotiating growth, negotiating peace,
Setting the slaves free to be slaves,
Just like him?

Do we understand that? Even now?
We live by the same rules of slavery,
Pounding into the same state each day,
Over and over - chained to the drudgery of our instincts.

The Declaration of Independence is adopted by the Second Continental Congress on this day in 1776.

John Adams, 2nd US President, died on this day in 1826.

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President, died on this day in 1826.

James Monroe, 5th US President, died on this day in 1831.

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