Barack Obama
Dear Sir,

I am an Englishman, yet still admire
Your steely will and hungry, raging fire.
You made the tough calls in the oval room
And still act cool through all the doom and gloom.
I see the way you inspire your nation,
Still see pride, belief, fervour, elation.
I see them rise up, eyes evincing hope,
For the future, for change, able to cope
With the upheaval and terror abroad
Caused by your ignorant president's fears,
His blind denial that we are all flawed.
Acknowledge that and give respect to peers,
And this cruel world may be fully redeemed
By freedom and kinship of which you dreamed.

Percy Bysshe Shelley, English romantic poet, was born today in 1792.

Barack Obama, American Politician and 44th President of the United State, was born on this day in 1961.

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  1. schoolofblue says:

    Gosh, I miss Obama like crazy

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