Siegfried Sassoon
A night light was on. 
It burned a hole in the dark
And I wanted to climb in.

It pulsed like a beat
That hypnotised me.
I swayed in time and tempo.

It figures that I would get caught
By a trap, such as this:
A fly in a web of rays.

Too foolish to turn away,
Too foolhardy to proceed,
I was mired in the void.

The more I stared into the hole
The more it sucked away at my soul,
Like an event horizon.

And the red-shift twisted me
All the way into the cone
And I would be falling forever.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, American author, was born today in 1875.

Henry More, English Philosopher, died today in 1687.

Siegfried Sassoon, English soldier, poet and writer, died today in 1967.

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