John Bunyan
My Pilgrimage to Agincourt

The day was bright,
The wind just right,
To visit Agincourt.

I faced Harfleur,
A King poseur,
And felt like the Queen's consort.

We walked in pairs
And climbed the stairs
With Parisian disport.

I smiled at her,
Her raconteur,
She was my last resort.

I gave my heart,
She'll have no part,
My action swiftly cut short.

I shed a tear,
Just like Shakespeare,
My lines besieged for sport.

That is the end
Of us dear friend
I'll take to my cell deport.

The day now night,
My soul contrite,
I'm jailed in Agincourt.

Henry V of England, King of England from 1413 until his death today in 1422.

John Bunyan, English writer and preacher, died on this day in 1688.

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