Capability Brown
He gained his teenage kicks 
In the knotted garden
Smoking weed.

He looked at his fingers,
Trying to figure out what made
Them tick.

He stared long at the sun
Wondering, eventually,
Why he was so blind.

He listened to the distant
Call of the cuckoo,
Asking if he could join in.

The hanging stench of Jasmine
Made his ears hurt,
His throat spike.

Kneading his temples
He kneed the earthly temple
Needing restoration.

Telegraphing his intentions
He fell slowly into stupor,
Like a zombied mushroom.

Ancient and modern clashed
Within his extent
And fell to the floor with a clatter.

Like smashing glass at midnight
His weird eyes flashed wide
Like two black dishes.

The sound returned with pain
Like two white hot pokers
Forced into his ears.

And then his nostrils flared
As odour invaded
Like rampaging Vikings.

The contents of his brain
Were upturned in violence, scattered into the
Smashed corners of his mind.

He cascaded into catatonia,
His system overloaded,
His vigour twisted.

The present kicked him,
Like a teenage bull
Escaping a matador,

And he lowered his mind,
He lowered his attention
And he lowered his standard.

Capability Brown, English landscape architect, was baptised today in 1716.

John Peel, English radio presenter and producer, was born on this day in 1939.

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