Twelve people sat around a table: 
Two of them were angry
Because one of them was Green;
Two were incensed
Because four of them were Red;
(Ironically, one of the Reds
Was also the Green);
The two who were Yellow
Weren't irate, merely huffy;
The Northern one was sore
And also exasperated
Because the others
Wouldn't play in the snow;
The five Blues were frustrated
Because almost fifty percent
Of them were hot under the collar
About the sceptics
And the other lot were downright
Annoyed with the persistent
Nature of those that
Were determined to endure.

Big Blue,
Who wore a great big floppy hat,
Lifted himself and declared:
"This farce is over!"

He trumpeted to the machine,
Which had been ticking along
Nicely in the background,
And it immediately stalled
To a stuttering, terminal halt
In a cloud of smoke and steam.

Another unhappy man appeared
With a box of tools
To examine the wreckage.
A wildly excited man jumped after him,
Holding a microphone,
And gesticulating frantically,
As he documented the Mechanic's work.

"We'll come back when the
Machine is fixed
", expounded Big Blue,
His floppy hat wobbling with hilarity.

The others were apoplectic!

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