Michael Jackson
I saw the moon walking 
Down the street.
At the cross-roads
He waited for his moment.
He opened his soul,
From within
Emerged a powerful
Locomotive bristling with steam.
It raced away
Into the distance
And the moon
Seemed to lose its shine.
In desperation
It planted itself.
A small shrub sprouted.
Growing quickly
The shrub developed
Into large tree,
Bearing fruits
Of different varieties.
I saw peaches, oranges,
Lemons, bananas.
The fruit ripened rapidly and fell
Children gathered
Below to taste their sweetness.
But the tree still grew,
Taller and taller,
Until the crown was
Masked within the clouds.
The tree spread wide
As the trunk expanded.
It was so wide it would've taken
An age to circumnavigate.
The growth was now wild
And clearly unbalanced.
As the wind blew the tree creaked,
Bending, bending and failing,
It crashed to earth
And the children
Scattered like its seeds.
As it fell it cleft
The clouds in two
And sun-beams glimmered
Across the woody remains.
The warmth weakened it,
The once rough bark melted
Into a stream, a spring,
Which filtered through the earth.
A river of fresh water,
It pooled and the children
Returned to bathe.
Beneath the water a shimmer grew
And the children cheered.
Luminous, the shine was evident
As the moon returned and
Rose into glory above,
Returning to the heavens
Where it belonged
And triumphantly
Sailed westward
Into uncertainty.

Michael Jackson, American singer and songwriter, was born today in 1958.

Lenny Henry, English actor, singer television presenter and comedian, was born on this day in 1958.

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