Oliver Cromwell
I had a conversation with myself 
About whether to call him King or Villain.

I had to think, and I couldn't agree,
So I checked myself in the mirror.

Yes! There is was. A bead of sweat,
Rolling like a mountain.

I knew (I secretly always knew)
I was lying to myself.

Happiness is a myth
Created by the lonely

To shield themselves from
The reality of life.

Happiness isn't ours to own,
We can't possess it, like sentiment.

I'll call him a villain,
And be done with it,

And I'll brand myself, like a villain,
Because I'm honest, for once.

Freddie King, American blues singer and guitarist, was born today in 1934.

Oliver Cromwell, English political and military leader, died on this day in 1658.

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