Beyond the mill the cascade slowed in pace 
And pooled in slow ponderance, teeming with Dace.
The river wide and deep banked by rushes,
Painted by waving fronds of weed brushes.
Within the channels floating rafts of scrub
Fallen from trees sheltered shoals of fat Chub,
And darting Pike and Perch tore up the groups
Of Roach bursting from the flow in flashing loops
Escaping jaws of death for far protection,
Downstream where the river changes direction.
As it shallows the course becomes much faster
And halos of rainbows are tossed among Aster.
And here and there sleek Barbel dilly-dally
Within this Great Ouse, winding through our valley.

Beyonce, American singer, was born today in 1981.

Steve Irwin, Australian zookeeper, conservationist and television presenter, died on this day in 2006.

Joan Rivers, American comedian and TV personality, died today in 2014.

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