Akira Kurosawa
As we walk through the forest glade 
I noticed the massive fallen tree,
Mossy and vine covered, almost from Jungle Book.
The tension in the air
Made me think of movies.
An enormous amount of sweat
Flowed over my crusty brow
Giving me an excuse to back out,
But you insisted we press on.
Eventually made it behind enemy lines.
We knew only because
The flags had changed,
The same birds sang,
The same animals cowered,
The same people had
The same fear in their eyes.
Soon, we approached the Keep
And snuck in through the fire escape.
The emperor was waiting,
Wearing his new clothes,
His new hat,
His newfound sense of vulnerability,
And we stabbed him in the heart:

Idris Elba, British actor and producer, was born today in 1972.

Akira Kurosawa, Japanese film director and screenwriter, died on this day in 1998.

Burt Reynolds, American actor, director and producer, died today in 2018.

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