Elizabeth I
Knuckle cracking precedes the decision,
To cook the fine plot, thickening as they spoke.
They threw all the fine details into the pot,
Stirring over a roaring fire for hours:
First, some intrigue, to spice up the broth;
Now, some bones, to give it good structure;
Add some good anger, to heat up the sauce;
Add plenty of rebellion, to temper the peace;
Add some fine wine, to stoke up the bodies;
Add a bit of regret, for when they get caught;
A dash of repent, for the drawing and quartering; and
Plenty of tears, for the folk left behind.
Stew it for days, or months, or years,
To make sure the flavors are baked into the base.
Serve with fresh faces, to act as the scapegoats,
And let the feasting begin
With seasoned false hopes.

Queen Elizabeth I, Queen of England from 1558-1603, was born on this day in 1533.

Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk, was arrested for his part in the Ridolfi plot to replace Queen Elizabeth I with Mary, Queen of Scots, on this day in 1571.

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