Grace Kelly
The Dream Catcher

A dream catcher hung in the window of a child,
Its catching only dust and flies, she thought.
Its feathers were well fluffed
And it was set to ambush
Any wandering wish.
Perfect for its job?
So, why doesn't it work?
Why doesn't it do its thing?
Manufacture her future:
Please trap me chef in Paris;
Please ensnare my fluttering petit jeté ;
Please capture me as princess cocooned.

Years pass and child becomes mother to child
With dream catcher brightening her window.
Will it make my dreams come true?

The Secret pain of her missing wishes,
Still tangled in the fibers of her old dream catcher,
Stung her, as she clutched her newly acquired wisdom:

If we let the dreams get caught
We can never live them...

Grace Kelly, American actress who became Princess of Monaco, died on this day in 1982.

Patrick Swayze, American actor, singer and dancer, died today in 2009.

Keith Floyd, English cook, restaurateur and TV personality, died today in 2009.

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