Sterling Moss



Collisions sometimes lead to hospitals.

I always knew I’d end up through
This window. Defenestration
Is a form of escape, I suppose.

Forming a circle can happen
In unexpected ways,
Like this journey.

I had my hand on the wheel
But it felt like my throat.

My car is the safest place for me now.
Movement ahead is movement beyond.

The windows were never going to be
The same, though; toughened, but transparent.
I knew it wouldn’t work out.

Look at that crap skyline,
Even the pigeons are happy to leave.
I hope I can be happy in Scunthorpe.

Moving away at speed should sort it out.
After all, I’m alive.

It’s always the same in Luton,
Like the familiar taste of sour milk
Churning rapidly in the stomach.

Not everyone wants a sunrise.



Sterling Moss, English formula one driver, was born today in 1929.

Damon Hill, English formula one driver, was born on this day in 1960.

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