Lee Kuan Yew
I phased out there,
While gazing into the city, as it does.
I forgot the passage of time,
How things age and grow.

The narrow space between the sea
And its spittle, cascading away,
Is an ideal vantage point over
Progressive development.

I've boarded the fast elevator
Right to the top of that building.
I've wandered all day
Within the bastion greenspace.

And still it doesn't wither,
Still statuesque against weather,
Sun and rain and guano and ocean,
Still steadfastly proactive.

If only I could remain that positive
In the face of relentless passage
And demanding alarms, then
I wouldn't phase out at all.

T. E. Hulme, English Poet and Critic, was born today in 1883.

Lee Kuan Yew, First Prime Minister of Singapore, was born on this day in 1923.

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