Dr. Seuss
On and on the rocking rolling rock did roll
Until it thwacked into a deeply sleeping mole.
Oh why did you disturb my sweet sheep counting sleep
Oh why did you roll through my house to make up-keeping steep
My house is broken up and trashed so rudely, dude!
And you'd intrude my brood devouring my lovely finger food!
The rock was rocked and knocked the block to take in stock
But knocked the clock and mole was mocked by Rock's faux-shock.
You little thief, who stole into my home to rob a mole
I urge you kindly go and find another mole hole to troll.
So rock did roll into a hole and did not stop
He dropped and flopped into a slop that did not plop
He dropped into a pot that topped the rot without a hop
And went into jail when stopped by an angry whopping cop.

Jim Henson, American filmmaker, animator and puppeteer, was born today in 1936.

Dr Seuss, American children’s author, illustrator and poet, died today in 1991.

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