Mark Hamill
Gordon Gekko knows the power of money. 
He used it to buy himself some clean air,
Which is something most of us
Will never be able to do; Not even Greta!

Luke Skywalker knows the power of the force.
He used it to eek himself a living
And a nice secluded hut
At the edge of the galaxy and loneliness.

The Fresh Prince knows the power of Hip-Hop.
He used it to bounce himself
All the way from Phili to Bel-Air
And get some neat sneakers on the way.

Donald Trump knows the power of Fake News.
He uses it each day as the cushion
On which he wet-nurses the great crack
In America's democratic process.

So, why don't we ask the Fresh Prince
To bounce Luke Skywalker
And force Gordon Gekko
To Pay for Donald's fake-news diapers?

Michael Douglas, American actor and producer, was born today in 1944.

Mark Hamill, American actor, voice actor and writer, known for his role as Luke Skywalker, was born today in 1951.

Will Smith, American hip-hop artist and actor, was born on this day in 1968.

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